2021 Flight Training Camps Are Coming!

Preparations are currently underway for the 2021 Glider and Powered Aircraft Training Camps. The programs have been offered annually by GKWFA during the summer months since 2014. This past summer, the 2020 camps were canceled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. “Although frustrating, it was definitely the wisest course of action to cancel the 2020 […]

2018 – 2019 Student Flight Training Kickoff

On Wednesday, 17 October, students from Torrance High School gathered in the General Aviation Building at Torrance Municipal Airport for the launch of the 2018 – 2019 flight training program. Although not directly affiliated with the Torrance School District, the program will feature a four-flight orientation ride program for students in the engineering program that […]

2016 New Student Glider Camp in Review

In mid-July and early August 2016, five new GKWFA students participated in glider flight training at Santa Barbara Soaring, located at Santa Ynez Airport in California. Waking up early to start training at 8:00 a.m. and staying until about 5 p.m., the students spent their days at the camp being taught to fly glider aircraft. […]