Viviana L

Giving Kids Wings Alumni

About me

My interest in aviation first started when my school went on a field trip to the old Hawthorne Airport Museum. I found it fascinating and wanted to be part of that community and join in the evolving field. However, I wasn’t able to learn anything more about the aviation field, because my family did not earn enough money for me to take classes.

It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I was given the opportunity to take a new program introduced at our school, which was the Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy program. It was thanks to this program that I was introduced again to the aviation field and decided to take a more serious route since I would be going off to college soon. During my time with the Giving Kids Wings program I was introduced to the aviation field with guest speakers. The day that I knew that I wanted to be in the aviation field was when I took my first flight lesson. They helped me pay for my first flight and gave me the extra push that I needed. I was grateful for that day because I never thought that I would be able to help fly an aircraft in my life. When the Cesena took off from the ground, I knew that I wanted to fly for a career.

Now I am attending San Jose State University to earn my bachelor’s degree in Aviation with a minor in business. I am currently in my second year and part of the school’s Women In Aviation group. Thanks to Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy for helping make all of this possible for me.