Melvin M

Giving Kids Wings Alumni

About me

My name Is Melvin.  Aviation has been a major passion for my life since I was about six or seven when I began gaining Aviation knowledge by reading from FAA aviation books and looking at videos from real pilots.  I also started flying using a PC-flight simulator on a well-known network called “VATSIM,” which I still fly on to this day.  On VATSIM, I learned more about the radio phraseology of aviation.

By the time I was eight or nine, I was already starting to read and use Aviation charts that I would use for VATSIM.   Whenever a plane passed by me I would feel chills of excitement.  In these times, I felt even more connected to aviation.  To get even closer to planes I would go plane spotting with my camera.  I would even go on the roof of my house with my dad to see the planes arriving and landing on runways 25L and 25R at Los Angeles International Airport.  Whenever I  feel the vibrations of the mighty aircraft engines during takeoff, I  smile with great excitement.  I like to say that the airport is like my second home.  I always get the chills, pride, and so much inspiration from even a single plane I see on final, departure, or taxiing.  When I go to sleep at night, I often listen to LAX live Air Traffic Control feeds for hours.  This helps me keep focused on my greatest passion of all–Aviation.

Currently I’m in the best program I could of ever wished for, Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy, with the best, heart-warming teacher I’ve known!  I never knew an Aviation program like this even existed.  If I am given the chance to continue to expand my knowledge in Aviation with more opportunities, it would mean so much to me that I could hardly explain it!