Jonathan A

Giving Kids Wings Alumni

About me

My name is Jonathan Aguirre and I take Mr. Mikkelsen’s class of aviation at Hawthorne High. I am eighteen years old and I belong to a low class/middle class family. Growing up in Lennox, California wasn’t so pleasant, because I saw it all. A man getting killed right in front of my eyes, A women getting robbed with a gun in front of my eyes, drug dealing, people getting beat up, you name it I’ve seen it. Growing up I loved to play soccer, it was mu get away from all the violence.

As I started high school I never imagined myself liking an aviation class so much. My school started offering the aviation class this year which is my senior year. When I started the class I wasn’t serious about it at all. As time started to go by, I realized how fun it is to fly on the flight simulators and perform different maneuvers.  Then one day Mr. Mikkelsen asked, “who would like to go on a real flight?”, I wanted to go real bad but I knew there was some type of cost so I knew it was a no for me. My parents barely have enough money to pay rent so I don’t really like to ask them for money. One day I just went up to Mr. Mikkelsen and explained to him that I really wanted to go on the flight but I couldn’t pay anything. Thankfully Mr. Mikkelsen was so understanding and generous enough to take me on a flight with no costs.  The flight was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never experience something so amazing, the feeling is unexplainable.

The flight changed me inside and made me realize I wanted to be someone better in life. I never really had much ambition but after that flight and a few talks with Mr. Mikkelsen, I feel I have new ambition in my life. I would love to go on another flight but I understand that nothing is free in this life. I really want to go again but I just can’t pay for it. This brings tears to my eyes because I really want to get more flight lessons but it can’t happen. Right now wanting to go on a flight is like a star, you keep reaching and reaching but you know you’re never going to get it.