Emma H

Giving Kids Wings Alumni

About me

My name is Emma. I am currently a sophomore at Da Vinci Science high school in Hawthorne. I have always loved travelling in large planes, but had never experienced the joy of flying a plane for myself. My perspective changed however, after I took a flight school class at my school. Thanks to my instructor, Dan Mikkelsen, my knowledge of aviation grew. I learned basic aviation knowledge and skills and about the physics of flight. But, most importantly, I found that I wanted to experience it for myself.

In class, I learned how to fly by reading FAA manuals and books, and by using simulators. After the first few weeks of the class, I felt I was ready to go up in an actual plane. My whole family came to see me fly and I was really excited. With my sister in the back and Dan helping me along the way, I took off and started flying-all on my own! The view was breathtaking, and the experience changed my life forever.

I had finally discovered my passion for flight, and desperately wanted to know more. Last summer, I was offered the opportunity to learn to fly gliders. Even though the thought of flying in an engineless plane made me nervous, I was excited to try something new. Through a week-long camp in Santa Ynez, I was able to learn, fly, and even solo the glider.

The feeling when you are up in the air is a great one, and I want to experience it again. The Giving Kids Wings organization, along with my flight instructor have inspired me to touch the sky and follow my dreams. Specifically, I would like to expand my knowledge of aviation, planes, and gliders, and possibly get into an Air Force Academy one day. With your help, I would be able to achieve my goal and receive my wings.