Emil B

Giving Kids Wings Alumni

About me

My name is Emil, and I’m an aspiring commercial pilot. As a child, I grew up near Los Angeles International Airport. After school, I would watch the jets fly over my head and listen to the booming roars of the engine. I never imagined that I would ever fly an airplane.I loved aviation. I would play fighter jet games and build lego spaceships and planes.Since I was a child I always knew I wanted to be involved in aviation.

My freshmen year of high-school I flew for the first time. My first flight was from Torrance airport to Ramona airport in San Diego. Everything was so surreal. When I first heard the radio in the cockpit I got excited. I instantly remembered all the fighter jet games that I played as a child. I never expect to have so much fun doing a preflight in my life. To this day I still feel the same way when doing a preflight. When on the runway for takeoff my instructor got radio clearance and I opened up full throttle. The roar of the engine instantly brought a smile to my face. During that flight I looked to my left and saw the Los Angeles view. I said to myself, “Wow. I could do this for life. I want to fly airplanes.” Everything was so surreal. I couldn’t believe I was flying the airplane. Sometimes I would bank the aircraft just to make sure that I was really in control. The whole flight was an adrenaline rush. After that flight I set a goal on getting my Private Pilot License.

Through Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy, I have earned my private pilot glider license. My current goal is to get my powered aircraft add-on license. I intend to get my add on by the end of 2017. My goal is in sight, but like everything else, it requires money. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.