Asa C

Giving Kids Wings Alumni

About me

My name is Asa. I am a senior at Da Vinci Science High School.

11 years ago, at six years old, I told my father that I wanted to be an astronaut. Although not comprehending the difficulties of the journey to that career or the path I would need to take to get there, I had set my goal.

My dad had occasionally taken me down to the LAX Airport to watch the planes depart and land at night. He parked the car in the parking lot at the end of the runway, and I found myself entranced by the many aircraft.

Not until I was starting high school did I finally realize the connection between these two sets of events. I had never been given the opportunity to learn to fly. So I had never considered the possibility of being a pilot. However, looking at the seminar list for my school, the words “Flight School” flew off the page.

The Giving Kids Wings Flight Academy helped me take off on an aeronautical adventure. And my parents couldn’t keep up. As I pursued a Glider Pilot’s License, the flight hours guzzled money more than a powered aircraft does fuel, and the written exam – which I passed on my first try – depleted my parent’s reserves even further.

I have since then been able to obtain my Private Pilot Glider license, but I do not want to stop there. I am now beginning my training for my powered add-on, but my family cannot do it alone. We have already dished out money for one license, and there is not much left for this one. With still a great deal of extra work ahead of me and my pursuit of aviation still in its early stages, my family and I need assistance for me to be able to continue pursuing my passion and soar towards my goal.