Gio B

My love for flying began when I was about five years old. My mom would take me to my grandma’s house every weekend and I would be amazed by the airplanes flying overhead toward LAX. I always wondered what it would be like to be in an airplane looking down at the world. The first […]

Tim M

Hello my name is Timothy, I’m 15 years old and I’m a sophomore in high school. Aviation runs in my family, I have family members that are pilots and flight attendants. I’ve been wanting to be a pilot since I was 7 years old. When I was little I started off on simulators for the […]

Emil B

My name is Emil, and I’m an aspiring commercial pilot. As a child, I grew up near Los Angeles International Airport. After school, I would watch the jets fly over my head and listen to the booming roars of the engine. I never imagined that I would ever fly an airplane.I loved aviation. I would […]

Asa C

My name is Asa. I am a senior at Da Vinci Science High School. 11 years ago, at six years old, I told my father that I wanted to be an astronaut. Although not comprehending the difficulties of the journey to that career or the path I would need to take to get there, I […]

Emma H

My name is Emma. I am currently a sophomore at Da Vinci Science high school in Hawthorne. I have always loved travelling in large planes, but had never experienced the joy of flying a plane for myself. My perspective changed however, after I took a flight school class at my school. Thanks to my instructor, […]

Viviana L

My interest in aviation first started when my school went on a field trip to the old Hawthorne Airport Museum. I found it fascinating and wanted to be part of that community and join in the evolving field. However, I wasn’t able to learn anything more about the aviation field, because my family did not […]

Melvin M

My name Is Melvin.  Aviation has been a major passion for my life since I was about six or seven when I began gaining Aviation knowledge by reading from FAA aviation books and looking at videos from real pilots.  I also started flying using a PC-flight simulator on a well-known network called “VATSIM,” which I […]

Jonathan A

My name is Jonathan Aguirre and I take Mr. Mikkelsen’s class of aviation at Hawthorne High. I am eighteen years old and I belong to a low class/middle class family. Growing up in Lennox, California wasn’t so pleasant, because I saw it all. A man getting killed right in front of my eyes, A women […]