2021 Flight Training Camps Are Coming!

Preparations are currently underway for the 2021 Glider and Powered Aircraft Training Camps. The programs have been offered annually by GKWFA during the summer months since 2014.

This past summer, the 2020 camps were canceled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. “Although frustrating, it was definitely the wisest course of action to cancel the 2020 training camps” said Dan Mikkelsen, the GKWFA Executive Director. “At the time, there was simply not enough information on the outbreak to safely move forward with the training” he said.

For those students that are at least 14 years old, the glider training camp offers 9 days of intensive training that culminates in a solo flight for the students that are ready. Students of at least 16 years of age engage in an additional 5 days of intensive training and can earn their Private Pilot License-Glider (PPL-G). A number of students in the program have earned their licenses to fly before even earning their drivers licenses. This can lead to the wonderful and unique experience of a parent driving their student to the airport, where the student in turn pilots the aircraft with their parent as a passenger.

Additionally, powered aircraft training is available for students at least 16 years of age and also culminates in a solo of an aircraft with an engine. Students of at least 17 years of age are able to earn the Private Pilots License (PPL) for a powered aircraft. Although the training usually takes place during the summer months, the powered aircraft training is also available to students to train throughout the year.

For those interested in the training, GKWFA offers financial aid milestone awards for both the students that complete the solo and also for those that earn their PPL-G. Although available funds vary year to year, past awards have reduced the training costs by up to 50%. Financial aid milestone awards are also available to help students afford the cost of the powered aircraft training, and are also funding dependent.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in our upcoming training camps, please contact us at: givingkidswings@gmail.com or call us at (424)571-3533.

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