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Jose L

Current Giving Kids Wings Student

About me

Hello my name is Jose. I am currently a freshman and I am just beginning my journey in the aviation industry. I never knew very much about aviation until taking the aviation course at my high school. Airplanes always fascinated me, but I never thought much about it since I never imagined getting such a great opportunity where I can learn about aviation.

My first flight was just two months after taking the class, after two months of much learning, it was time for me to apply all the class lessons and time on the flight sims during a real flight. I was able to perform many maneuvers and even takeoff almost completely by myself. After pulling back on the control yoke, I couldn’t believe I was actually flying a plane. The entire flight was in all very astonishing and showed me the capacity I had to eventually becoming a pilot.

Although I am just beginning, I plan to expand my knowledge and flight time over the coming months and years. This summer I hope to take glider training so that I can begin gaining flight experience and to open more doors of opportunity. I then plan to go on to powered aircraft training and eventually to a career in the airlines. My goal has been set, but just like everything else it has a price. My parents, unfortunately, can not afford to pay for all of the training without your assistance. Your support will help me extend my knowledge and help me to reach my goal.