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Jillian M

Current Giving Kids Wings Student

About me

My name is Jillian. I am currently a junior attending Da Vinci Science High School located in Hawthorne, California. I have been interested in flying since I was 10, as I used to look up into the sky having the wondering eye to how they worked. Ever since I joined my school’s class, Flight School, the instructor, Dan, has been able to show me how they work, and most importantly: how to fly. I have been in the class Flight School for a two years now and it has so far opened many doors for me to be able to fly.

On December 27, 2014 I was able to fly for the first time at the Torrance Airport. I had the most fun and even until now I still remember the the foily ocean, the tiny houses, and laughing at people in traffic from above. I also was able to go on a glider trip in the summer of 2015, where I learned about flying the engineless aircraft. I was also able to study and receive my student license for gliders. Which I am planning to be going again once I have the money, to receive and earn more hours/training for a gliders license. I have been studying gliders for 2 years now with the Glider Pilots Ground School Handbook and the FAA Glider’s Handbook. In addition, I have been studying for my private pilot’s license studying with the Gleim Pilot Handbook.

With your help, I would be able to follow my dreams and continue my goals with aviation. This includes later in life receiving a private pilot’s license and private gliders. I am so excited for my future endeavors to come in aviation.