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Isaac C

Current Giving Kids Wings Student

About me

Greetings! My name is Isaac. I am a senior at Da Vinci Science high school, and I have been in the Giving Kids Wings flight program for three years now. Before joining the class, I was always curious about airplanes and how to fly them. My freshmen year, I was given the opportunity to join the Aviation class and learn the principles of flying. From then, my interest in aviation has grown. My freshmen year, my instructor gave me the opportunity to fly a small Cessna over the the practice area out of KHHR (Hawthorne Municipal airport.)

My first flight was at night, which was different from most students, and it’s one of the few memories that I will carry with me forever. From then on, I was motivated to become a private pilot. Currently, I getting ready to take my private pilot written exam. In class, I spend my time taking practice exams and also reading about topics that will help me succeed in my written exam. Sadly, as I furthered my study in my aviation class, I realized the cost of training was more expensive than what my parents could afford.

Like many others, the price stops many pilots from continuing their training. As my knowledge in aviation grows, I would like to start my powered aircraft training. As much as I want to start my powered aircraft training, I am held back by the price. Ever since my second flight, I have never seen the sky again. With your contribution, you can help fund me to get back in the sky! For me, flying is a feeling that I can’t describe with words. With your small contribution, you can help assist me get closer to my dream of becoming a private pilot.