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In Memory of Jody Wali

Jody Wali took his first flying lesson at age 20 in 1976. In his flight log book, he had written only three words after landing his first solo flight: “First solo… WOW.” Shortly after completing his training, he began to instruct other flight enthusiasts and in just two years, had over 25 students. He began […]

72 Student First Flights and Counting

On Saturday, 13 March, GKWFA completed it’s 16th student first flight for the year, and our 72 since we began flight operations four years ago. Combined with reoccurring orientation flights, this brings to the total number of students flown to 21 for the current school year. For the students that took to the skies for […]

Achieving a Dream

On 4 January, 2016, after many months of intense study and flight training, high school senior, Melvin Mateo, passed his Private Pilot Practical Exam and earned his Private Pilots License. The passage marked the completion of six months of hard work. Mateo, a senior at DaVinci Science High School, has been in the Giving Kids […]

Glider Training Camp – Summer 2015

During the last week of July, and first 3 weeks of August, 2015, six GKWFA students engaged in intensive glider flight training at Santa Barbara Soaring, located at Santa Ynez Airport, in California. After 150 training flights, three students soloed for the first time, a fourth student that previously soloed polished up his skills, and […]

Current Program Enrollments

In August of 2015, GKWFA entered its sixth year of service, offering professional aviation training within the public school system. Our ground school currently enrolls 110 students, on two campuses: DaVinci Science and Hawthorne High School. Ten of our students are preparing to take the Private Pilot Written Exam within the next two months. Four […]